Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shopping big time

Today's attraction was the Mall of America, the largest mall in this over-sized country, which I explored together with one of my Danish colleagues visiting this distant office of ours. In numbers, this mall counts for 40 million visitors per year, 390.000 m2 gross area, 520 stores, 12.000 employees and 20.000 parking lots, as well as a theme park with two rollercoasters (yes, indoors). The most Danish element is the Lego store, although testing one of the red iPod nanos in the Apple store, someone had changed the menu language to Danish. It was not my colleague, which was really, really strange... The most Swedish element - the one and only IKEA. I like! We rounded off by dining at a family restaurant with a very specific theme - hooters. If you're just after the food, go anywhere else...

Big balls at Mall of America

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