Saturday, December 23, 2006


This year, I will celebrate Christmas together with a couple of my colleagues. To make it as close to being North-European as possible, I am preparing some Polish and Swedish dishes. To make it more funny, and because I apparently also represent the Kingdom of Denmark, I have been forced to do something Danish as well. I went shopping for the ingredients, and was looked upon as an alien while in the grocery store - my cart contained foods all but American, hahahaha! Tonight I have prepared the gingerbread dough, as one of the Swedish elements, and prepared some other things for tomorrow. I will not make bigos, but certainly pierogi z kapusta. It took some time to find the Sauerkraut, but once I found the proper shelf, there were quite many to choose from, but for some reason, it is classified as meat....... don't want to know why. I picked the Bavarian style Sauerkraut, to include one more of my favourite lands. After putting my raisins in the whiskey, it is officially time to get some sleep. And you can see for yourself, how fun the baking business is!

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