Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Pepparkakor

Following are some pictures from this years Christmas, my first outside of (good old) Europe.

Typical Minnesota home at Christmas time. Comfortably sized, decorated with Christmas lights, Santas and Christmasy forest-animals, in debt because of the big electricity bill and, this year, snowless. Beautiful!

Don't know about typical here. This is mine. And I like it, right!

Cutting-edge gingerbread technique! Yo! I think I got the moves proven now, thus you can call me any time when you are baking!

My desk offered gingerbreads this year :) Food is very well-perceived in this country. Cookies even more. Making friends with your colleagues is always sweet. Some of you should recognize the items in this picture! Any guesses?

The biggest gingerbread heart in the whole of Eden Prairie - on my door. If I find a bite on it, I will know whom to suspect :)


Anonymous said...

Fint pepparkakshjärta!

/B B W

Tomasz Wysocki said...

Tack, jag har dekorerat det alldeles själv... Ok, med hjälp av tomten. Ok, julemanden var också med på ett hörn. Och nissarna. En och annan leprechaun också.... och några flaskor whiskey tror jag