Wednesday, May 23, 2007

state of art

origin of state of origin.

a big game was played in Oz tonight, a game of rugby. And not any rugby.

the game is a mix of football and fight club, and when it's played between the states of Australia, they call it state of origin. the players play for the state they started to play in. Hence the name. state of origin.

it's a huge thing over here. more than 50.000 aussies saw it in the stadium, and at least as many in my local pub. Queensland beat New South Wales (the state we're in) (didn't chemical brothers use this phrase already?) but beer in just the right ratios makes people happy anyhow. there's a lot of franziskaner in yours truly at the moment.
and he's got to work at nine. see you tomorrow! cheers!

Fredrik and Martin, try to get his cola!

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