Tuesday, July 10, 2007

snowboarding in snowy mountains

I have been traveling a lot lately and my computer has been doing very strange things, not even to be explained by the computer experts having spent several of their jouvenile years on the beautiful art of hacking. Still, my internet access is pretty restricted, not the fastest and most accessible broadband in the world I tell you :)

I have been to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, several small towns therearound and Townsville. The pictures will come as I will have the time to upload them.

Two weekends ago, me and Bastian, a German friend of mine, working in Australia on similar terms, went south to the Snowy Mountains, very close to the boarder of Victoria, but still in New South Wales, even though it's closer to Melbourne than Sydney... We drove through Canberra and got to Thredbo, which showed to be the most snoby ski resort in Australia, on Friday evening. Thredbo is full of nice cars, rich people and, during the wintertime, it is one of a few skiing bases in the Snowy Mountains. This weekend, the European population of Thredbo accounted for two, including my friend and myself. The prices are a bit high, we payed 75AUD per person per night in a 4-bed dorm room. Off-season, the same costs something like 20AUD. The day pass was following similar pricing strategy.... but who would say no to an opportunity of snowboarding in Australia? :D

The highest peak was at 2030m, with a very cosy blizzard at this altitude. The snow and the overall experience was much better than I expected, although there was no powder and much ice, it was great for a weekend. and for Australia :)

In the dorm we met a guy having a Swedish mother, he didn't talk Swedish though. And during our cosy evening, reading books at the fireplace and talking to a university professor from Sydney, we were joined by an Aussie, who had spent two and a half years in Östersund and was pretty eloquent in Swedish. Odd, but real :) It was a great weekend! We also saw a couple of kangaroos, and managed not to hit any of them while snowboarding.... :D

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