Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cashier analysis

Visiting Spain, you may experience what slow motion really does mean. A pretty good example: the cashiers in the nearby Consum (a grocery store chain present on every street in the half of the Spanish provinces). Even though the line is fifteen people long they:

  1. chit-chat with the customer allowing her/him to look for the consum-member-card for three minutes without even finding it.
  2. put the customer’s groceries in the bags before handling the next customer.
  3. walk away to the fruit department in order to weigh and price-tag the bag of tomatoes because the customer forgot to do it her-/himself.
  4. chat with the other cashier.

Comparing the speed of their work to that of their European colleagues, the Spanish Consum and the Austrian Hofer (Aldi) are perfect antonyms.

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