Monday, August 28, 2006

The Tibidabo run

The results of the Tibidabo run:

Uptime: 59 min
Downtime: 54 min

Except the apparent difference between up and down, the roads chosen were not the same. Running up I chose what I know to be the shortest possible way, taking the rough paths rather then roads, which I chose on the way down. The two distances were circa 8 and 12 kilometers, making it a bit over 10 km/h. Not bad, but I will of course make another attempt to improve it as soon as I can. ;)

Good beats for going Tibidabo up:

  • Vitalic – Woo
  • Thomas – Brinkmann Piste 7
  • The Egg – Wall (Mylo Remix)
  • The Tough AllianceMany Man

Great beats for going Tibidabo down:

  • Foo Fighters – Breakout
  • Tiga – Jamaican Box
  • Missy Elliot – Loose Control (Scumfrog rmx)
  • Kaiser Chiefs – I predict a Riot

The monestary is visible from a long distance

Some people choose to bike up, good not to be the only one that is crazy...

Communcation tower, I think it was drawn by Calatrava...

T-tags everywhere...

Blackberries - the favourites besides cherries

View over Barcelona

Amusement park next to the monestary, suitable choice


The guy guarding the monestary, stiff most of the time

The explanation to the name of the mountain...

Can you see it (him)?

Yes, it's a wild boar!


Fredrik said...

Wow, lots of nice photos! Makes me look forward even more to seeing Barcelona in person!

Highly suitable headline/warning for the linked sites as well :-) ...

See you soon! Very soon ...

Fredrik said...

Sadness! The video is "no longer available"!

Is it a conspiracy? A cabal of bitter novelists working to overthrow the percieved tyranny of modern media types?

Will this comment even reach you? Or will I be swiftly removed even as I type i...


No, apparantly not.