Monday, October 02, 2006

Being Catalan in Igualada

The last weekend I spent together with my Catalan friend Pere. On Saturday we took the car to his family house in Igualada and had a Catalan fika with Peres family. They are fond of good food, the nice people here J During the night we went out to the “city” to have a bite and found a cozy restaurant, and after that we hit the bars. It was supercrowded and loud as hell, so after a drink we went to a club, which showed to be even more crowded, this time with a clientele aged 16-20 with some luck-seeking exceptions of course… we left very soon. Apparently Igualada is not THE Metropolis, but it certainly has nice restaurants. They also have their own El Bosque des Fades (a bar designed as the elven forest), which is bigger and more detailed than the one in Barcelona. On our way home we were stopped for a control by the police and Pere had to blow. Luckily he had only had a glass of wine J I told you man!

Yesterday we had lunch with Peres parents again, this time in Esparraguera. It was the first time I had snails, and it was pretty good, but I prefer the rice and sauce and rabbit prepared by Peres mum. And sorry Pere, but the other thing… I am not used to it! After that we went on a safari to the surrounding mountains, not far from Montserrat, had a walk among the olive trees and ate some fresh almonds.

Pere blowing

Some nice people decided to shoot off fireworks for about 10 minutes at 2 a.m.

In the garden of Peres parents

The well-known siesta, even called
drzemka or tupplur

Horsies in the mountains


Freshly picked almonds... yummie!

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