Friday, October 20, 2006

In travel

Finally I had the time to sleep eight hours. I am at my grandma's in Szczecin, eating all kinds of Polish culinary wonders :) Flew here from Warszawa yesterday, the flight took 50 minutes and the airport outside Szczecin was everything but big, in fact even smaller than the train station in Sitges :) It was really nice to stay at your place, Joanna & Bogi, thanks again! I will post some pictures later, as I am now using the modem connection (even though it's faster than bluetooth, Bogi :)

Welcome, all new Spanish readers :) It was sad to leave you, but I will certainly come and visit you in the near future. It has been great six months, thank you!

In Warszawa I spent some 30 hours, holding a presentation for the Polish office and being introduced to all of my native colleagues (that were present). It was really great, and the office very cosy, so I hope to be back there pretty soon!

Bogi, Joanna und ich

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