Friday, March 02, 2007

and I'm off to new york city

And where might this be? :D


Bogi said...

Let me guess the location - Carcassonne?

Johan J. said...

Someone beat me to the first guess.

Thomasz, you must make it harder to guess. Obviously it is the same place as the previous posting. Probably just the other side of the wall.

How do I know, you wonder?

Judging from the light in the sky it is taken at the same time of day. The sky has not really changed at all. And the dirt seems to be quite similar.

Am I right again? If not I will buy you a cappucino in "Dronningens By" once you get home!


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomasz,

Nice following your adventures.

Next time you challenge someone to guest the location of a picture you have change or rename the file.

Have fun


Tomasz Wysocki said...

Hehe, I know Riki - I underestimated the readers :D Next time be sure you pick the first guess and the glory!!!!

Bogi - you are quick as a cheeta ! rrrrrrr :)

Johan - You are as close to the truth as possible, but the pictures were taken on different sides of the border!! you thus owe me the cappucino!!!!

Pere el Gran said...

As a citizen from Catalonia, north east of spain, I want to say that Tomasz is saying the truth. There is a lot of towers, castles and churches in this area and the the sky in that area it's also always blue and sunny!

And actually this is not the best picture of Carcasona (Carcassone), that i was catalan, because it seems a very small castle, and Carcasona it is a fucking amazing medieval age city-fortess!

Salut, i força al canut!

Tomasz Wysocki said...

Pere is completely, absolutely and exclusively right!!!!

Força Barca!!!!!!!!